Buses from Athens to Nea Makri


Orange and/or cream coloured buses (coaches) from Athens to Nea Makri are operated by the Attica

bus company KTEL Attikis (ΚΤΕΛ ΑΤΤΙΚΗΣ).



Bus destinations are usually only displayed in Greek. The final destination of buses that go through

Nea Makri might be any of the following:





ΣΧΟΙΝΙΑ Schinias



Buses depart from Mavromateon Street, a little north of the city centre.

























From Victoria metro station, cross the main road (3rd September Street) and head down the small

street opposite. Go straight across the next main road (28th October Street). At the end turn left into

Mavromateon Street.


[General warning: at Greek traffic lights, wait for the green pedestrian light THEN wait for the traffic

to stop and keep watching as you cross!]


Buses to Nea Makri start from one of the last two bus shelters around 200 metres north of

Alexandras Avenue, immediately before the Panellinios trolley bus stop (served by routes number

2 and 4 from Sintagma).


The bus route passes several metro stations including Ambelokipi, Ethniki Amyna and

Nomismatokopio, all on the blue line 3. From most of these stations, find the ORANGE Coloured

ΚΤΕΛ bus stop, not the blue city bus stops.


























There is no orange sign outside Nomismatokopio metro station so, only there, wait at the nearby

blue city bus stop.



The bus timetable only specifies the time of departure. Times along the route will depend on the

amount of traffic. Traffic can be particularly heavy on Friday afternoons out of Athens and on

Monday mornings into Athens.


Depending on traffic, buses pass Ambelokipi around 10-15 minutes after they leave the Bus station,

Ethniki Amyna around 20-30 minutes after the departure time, and Nomismatokopio around 25-35

minutes after the departure time.


The journey from Nomismatokopio metro station to Nea Makri usually takes around 40 minutes so

buses will pass through Nea Makri around one hour and ten minutes after leaving Athens.


At very busy times there are sometimes two buses that start at the same time.


Put your arm out to stop the bus. Pay the conductor on the bus, currently 2.90 Euro per person

one way. Press the bell to ask the bus to stop at your destination.